FX Hybrid Slugs | Initial Tests & Thoughts …

  • 2020.06.09
  • FX
FX Hybrid Slugs | Initial Tests & Thoughts …

So here we have my Initial results & thoughts on the new FX Airguns Hybrid Slugs…. Now this is in no way a review – this was pick the slugs up, load them and then see what happens.

The reason i wanted to do this is this: not everyone wants to tune a gun, not everyone can and this is what to expect if you don’t pair the slugs to your gun properly. Slugs are very different to standard pellets and as such time, effort and trial & error have to come into play slightly – they are not plug and play so to speak.

With that said – the results have been good, Inch groups at 50 yards in wind, off sticks and by someone who’s not on his A game due to time away from the rifle. These slugs have accounted for hundreds of squirrels this year, they really are quite something!

i will be following this video up shortly with further tests before i release a full review. We’ll compare STX barrels to Slug liners, compare tuned vs untuned – and if i can get a non FX barrelled .22 rifle we’ll see how they do through other brands.

If you’re interested and want to take a proper look for yourself; you can find the Hybrid Slugs over at the Airgun 101 store : www.airgun101shop.co.uk

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