The Bonehead’s Guide to Axe FX III | All Presets Demo + Quick Start Guide

  • 2020.06.09
  • FX
The Bonehead’s Guide to Axe FX III | All Presets Demo + Quick Start Guide


🐕 Episode Guide:
0:00 – Intro – Check Links In Description!
0:44 – How to Plug It In – Recording and Monitors
1:39 – How to Dial in Tones + Features
3:01 – Axe FX III Dimensions + Weight
3:29 – Running Through All Presets
22:10 – Weird Effects
46:10 – Clean – No Effects / Bypass
47:26 – Final Thoughts

📚 Description: This is what I consider the Bonehead’s Guide to the Axe FX III. I’ve always heard great things about these units and have often thought about picking one up. This particular unit was traded in to me for a guitar so I got to check it out risk free for a few days before it quickly sold on Reverb. Prior to owning one, I was worried about it being difficult to set up and use and was curious what type of presets were already on it. For that reason – and that reason alone (this wasn’t a sponsored video) I decided to make this guide so people could make their own decision on whether or not it is worth it for them.

I think this is a great tool to have. It makes recording easy and after you narrow down the vast selection into what you’ll normally use – I think you’re going to really enjoy one of these. I’d definitely suggest getting the special cables that cut down on the white noise though!

If you’re recording covers – this is a must have! However, as a guitar demonstrator… I’m still a bit torn and will likely continue to use tube amps for my channel for the sake of being a traditional troglodyte. If Fractal Audio wanted to send me a free one though… I’d definitely get some good use out of it while practicing! I really liked the built in tuner, metronome and detune features.

My Favorite “spur of the moment” parts.

117, 280

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⚙️ Gear Used to Make the Show:
Guitar + Recording:
George L’s Guitar Lead:
Shure SM57 (Amp Cab Mic):
Audio Interface – Roland Duo Capture EX –
+ Universal Audio Apollo Twin:
Headphones: Focal Listen Professional:
Rode Videomic Go (backup audio):
Lens: Lumix 12-35mm :
Computer: Mac Pro 2013 –
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X –
American DJ Eco UV Bar Plus Blacklight:
Panasonic Lumix GH-4:
Camera Gimbal:
Camera Slider:
Rode NTG-2 (vocal + room mic):