FX Wildcat MKIII Reassembly – FX Masterclass

  • 2020.10.06
  • FX
FX Wildcat MKIII Reassembly – FX Masterclass

Ernest Rowe from FX Airguns takes you through the steps on how to reassemble your FX Wildcat MKIII.

Note: Reassembly measurements are critical and need to be measured to ensure your gun works properly.
1st measurement – 7:15
2nd measurement – 12:10

Tools needed:
11mm Open End Wrench (milled down)
15mm Open End Wrench
T-20 Torx Bit Screw Driver
2mm Allen Wrench
3mm Allen Wrench
4mm Allen Wrench
5mm Allen Wrench
Pusher Tool – https://910airguntuningandrepairsllc.com/collections/all/products/valveseat-installation-tool-for-fx-airguns

For a detailed schematic click here https://fxairguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Wildcat-Mk3.pdf
To order parts or speak with a certified FX Technician, call or email:
(866) 639-0772
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