Beetronics FX Swarm – Fuzz Harmonizer

  • 2020.10.11
  • FX
Beetronics FX Swarm – Fuzz Harmonizer
On Reverb:
Beetronics FX have aptly named their pedal which constructs a fuzzy Swarm of harmonies above and below your head. The Swarm is completely analog and begins by converting your signal into a square wave fuzz, which is adjusted by the Worker knob. That signal is then split and manipulated to produce two separate voices one octave apart from eachother (Queen, Drone). But it doesn’t stop at octaves, the Species control selects 9 intervals to give you huge, synth-like leads or fat, complex bass with various harmonies (Maj2, Unison, Min7, 5th, Unison and more). Beetronics also give these two voices a bit of character with the interactive Flight and Sting controls, adding modulation to their signal much like the pitch wheel of a synth. These controls also allow you to glide between notes at various speeds and end on a dynamic pitch bombs then drops when you stop playing.

As with other Beetronic FX, the Swarm is hand built in the California, wired for true bypass and beautifully styled inside and out. Check out for this and other unique designs.

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Gear Used:
Amp: Hamstead Artist 60 & 1×12” Cab
Guitars: Burny RLC45, Nik Huber Twangmeister, Reverend Mike Watt Signature Wattplower Bass
Recording Gear: Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD, UA OX Amp Top Box, Royer R-121
Strings: Stringjoy Signature 10-46
Cables: Sinasoid Sable & Sliver patch cables

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