Exact Trading FX Trader Funding Review Week 6

  • 2020.10.18
  • FX
Exact Trading FX Trader Funding Review Week 6

In this 45 minute weekly review webinar I look at last weeks’s Trader Funding trades and we review the setups for the coming week.

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Trader Funding Opportunities Autumn

Expert Price Action FX trader
Published ‘Stocks and Commodities’ Magazine
Featured in the e-forex.net FX trade magazine as featured algo trader January 2019
Specialist momentum trader using variety of different algorithms

080: Trading Strategies & Tips To Profit In The Forex Market (@PaulMLangham)

Featured interview ‘Desire to Trade’
Worked as Product owner Belgium’s first 100% robot advisor portfolio management system
Developed many Algos based on price action trading ideas
Worked in the UK and across the Benelux for major banks and asset managers
Started Exact Trading in 2008 following the Financial Crisis
Specialist Algo Trader but still enjoy manual day trading